1970 Birth of his grand-daughter, Patricia Sofia on April 22. World premiere of Concierto madrigal for two guitars and orchestra, by the Los Angeles Symphony, conducted by Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, with soloists Pepe and Angel Romero, in Los Angeles, California on July 30.

1971 Premiere of Con Antonio Machado, for voice and piano, by María Orán, soprano, and pianists  Joaquín Rodrigo and Miguel Zanetti, in Seville on October 4.

1972 Premiere of Pájaros de primavera, for guitar, in Japan on June 9.

1973 Trip to Japan.

1974 Trip to Mexico.  Named Advisor for Music at the Ateneo of Madrid.

1975 World premiere of Sónnica, la cortesana, stage adaptation  of the work by Blasco Ibañez, at the Roman Theater of Sagunto,Valencia, on July 24.

1976 Honorary Member of the Madrid Athenaeum. President of the Spanish National Committee of the International Council of Music, UNESCO.

1978 Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium, taking the seat held by Benjamin Britten. World premiere of the symphonic poem, A la busca del más allá, by the Symphonic Orchestra of Houston, Texas, conducted by Antoni Ros Marbá on March 27. 
World premiere of Concierto pastoral, for flute and orchestra, by the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Eduardo Mata, with soloist Sir James Galway,on October 17, in London.

1979 World premiere of Tríptico, for guitar, by Alexandre Lagoya, Festival of Music, in the Castle of La Rougerie, France, on July 21.

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