The boy who imagined music

Compose date:

The gripping story of a young blind boy who dreamed of being a musician and went on to become
a great composer. His life was as exciting as a novel. His journey through life is an example of
overcoming hardships.

This work narrates in the first person the story of a child who rose above his physical handicap
of blindness to triumph in life and become one of Spain’s most universal composers. The narration
is accompanied by numerous fragments of Joaquín Rodrigo’s pieces.

Script by Eduardo Moyano, CD version narrated by Iñaki Gabilondo, and CD booklet illustrations
by Teo Puebla.

Available in Spanish, English and German.

Duration: 30' approx.

Premiere date and place:

Publisher: Ediciones Joaquín Rodrigo.

Orchestration: 2(1) 2(1) 3 2   4 2 3 1   1 P 2Hp Str
Harp solo.
Cello solo.
Piano solo
Guitar solo
Children voices (ad libitum).

Versions: CD 'El niño que soñó la música' (The boy who imagined music). Buy.

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Available scores formats: Unpublished work.

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