Listen to this piece of music. It belongs to “Berceuse de invierno” (“Winter Lullaby”), which is part of a longer work called “Musica para un jardin” (“Music for a garden”) by Joaquin Rodrigo and  contains three other lullabies: “Berceuse de otoño” (autumn lullaby), “Berceuse de primavera” (spring lullaby) and “Berceuse de verano” (summer lullaby).  

Afterwards, read what the composer himself said about this work:

“Under the title “Music for a garden”, I grouped the four lullabies that gently transform the four seasons of the year into a garden.  All four of them, although each is different, sway to the rhythm  of a cradle song that measures and separates the passage of time.

“Berceuse de invierno” (winter lullaby) is based on a ‘pedal’ or recurrent theme that the English horn gives a slightly pastoral character.  Over this ‘pedal’ the melody is heard played by the clarinet, resembling a Christmas carol, and later repeated by the celesta and finally by the violins and the woodwinds. “
Joaquin Rodrigo

And now, send us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) a pdf with your drawing that shows what these words and this music suggest to you. The winner of the contest will see his drawing appear on our website and will receive either a CD of “Joaquin Rodrigo, el niño que soñó la música” or a t-shirt with the image from the CD.

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