Joaquín Rodrigo was featured at the International Guitar Festival in Koblenz 2011

19th International Guitar Festival and Hubert Kappel Competition in Koblenz, Germany, June 2011 features the figure and the music of Joaquín Rodrigo


Prior to the concert, Cecilia Rodrigo spoke to the audience about Fantasía para un gentilhombre and the relationship between the guitarist Andrés Segovia and Joaquín Rodrigo.  The work was performed by Zoran Dukic, the orchestra was conducted by Marc Niemann.



Cecilia Rodrigo speaking to the concert audience in the presence of the Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie, June 10, 2011.

conparticipantesAt the concert "Hand in Hand with Joaquín Rodrigo" the composer's works were performed by the guitarist Alexander Sergei Ramirez, the pianist Sheila Arnold and the violinist Agustín León Ara, with a reading by Cecilia Rodrigo based on texts by the composer himself.

Surrounding Cecilia Rodrigo, the performers for the concert "Hand in Hand with Joaquín Rodrigo", June 12, 2011: Agustín León Ara, Alexander Sergei Ramirez and Sheila Arnold.

conThereseAs part of the Hubert Kappel Competition, the "Joaquín Rodrigo Prize" was presented for the first time. The prize, consisting of a set of Rodrigo scores for guitar, was awarded to Srdjan Bulat, from Croatia.

Thérèse Wassily Saba, member of the jury for the Hubert Kappel Competition 2011, with Cecilia Rodrigo.


The finishing touch to the Rodrigo tribute was a splendid conference given by Graham Wade, entitled "Joaquín Rodrigo, a life in music".

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