Ricardo Cue, choreography on Joaquín Rodrigo (by Cristina Marinero)

Premiere of the ballet Sergio and Lola, with choreography by Ricardo Cue and performances by Lola Greco and Sergio Bernal.

Loca Greco and the dance revelation Sergio Bernal at Spain's Festival of Cap Roig premiered a choreography by Ricardo Cue on Joaquín Rodrigo's Concierto andaluz, marking the 110th anniversary of the composer's bith.
Ricardo Cue remarked that "Spanish dance must have its own pas de deux equivalent to those of classical ballet".
Lola Greco, daughter of Spanish dancer José Greco, recalled her father's close friendship with Joaquín Rodrigo. Cecilia Rodrigo, who attended a performance, said her father would have been delighted to attend the ballet, which he often did together with his wife Victoria Kamhi who would describe the entire choreography to him.

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