Enjoy Concierto pastoral

Enjoy the 2nd movement of Rodrigo's flute concerto: Concierto pastoral.

As usual in Rodrigo's music, this work requires exceptional technique from the soloist.
In Rodrigo's words: 'The central movement is an Adagio tinged with melancholy, interrupted by an Allegro in pastoral rhythm... After a brilliant Cadenza it resolves into an Allegretto for the return later to the melodic theme'.

The National Library of Spain is presenting "300 years making history"

bnemanuscrito2bnemanuscritoThe National Library of Spain in Madrid is presenting the exhibition 300 years making history: a selection of the most emblemmatic pieces in its  collections.  Among the treasures on display is the handwritten score of Concierto de Aranjuez which was used for the premiere in 1940 by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Barcelona, conducted by César Mendoza Lasalle.  On this copyist score the conductor’s annotations are clearly visible.  The Archive of the Rodrigo Foundation holds the original manuscript of Concierto de Aranjuez written by Joaquín Rodrigo in Braille.
Masterpieces on view in the exhibition include: the Libro de música para vihuela intitulado Orphenica lyra, by Miguel de Fuenllana; the Beato de Liébana, Commentarius in Apocalypsis, Codice belonging to Fernando I and Doña Sancha; or Cantigas de Santa María belonging to Alphonse X, the Wise.

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