The Juan March Foundation launches "Clamor" a website for music

The Juan March Foundation presented "Clamor" a knowledge portal dedicated to Spanish music.  Its first phase will permit access to the series "Aula de (Re)estrenos",(works premiered in concerts at the Foundation since 1986) "Tribuna de jóvenes compositores" (aid to young composers) , and “Conciertos especiales” (Special concerts) featuring recordings of live concerts, programs and information on performers, presentations and conferences.  There is a voice archive with interviews in which composers speak of their works, as in the case of Joaquín Rodrigo.

Happy Birthday Joaquin Rodrigo Festival in Dusseldorf, Germany

With the participation of professors and students and a special all-Rodrigo concert in tribute to the composer. Robert Schumann Hochschule Conservatory of Dusseldorf, Germany will commemorate the 110th anniversary of Joaquín Rodrigo’s birth.
November 8-11, 2011

A recital of Rodrigo’s works will be presented on November 9th at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Dusseldorf, by pianist Sheila Arnold, guitarist Alexander-Segei Ramirez and violinist Agustín León Ara. Cecilia Rodrigo will participate by reading fragments of the composer’s comments on the works performed which are Romance de Durandarte, Cuatro piezas para piano, Invocación y danza, Capriccio, Sonata pimpante and the Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez.

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