"The boy who dreamed of music" is the title of the activity that Cecilia Rodrigo presented to schoolchildren

2643Some 400 fifth and sixth grade students from the schools of San José, San Antonio, Ortega y Gasset and Our Lady of Pilar took part in the activity The boy who dreamed of music which was centered on the life and works of the composer Joaquín Rodrigo. The children visited the exposition Joaquin Rodrigo. Notes on the life of a genius at the Cultural Center and then filled the Center's Joaquin Rodrigo Auditorium where the composer's daughter, Cecilia Rodrigo, gave them an entertaining and educational talk about her father's works, in which the children participated, gained some knowledge and enjoyed themselves.
2642Paloma García Romero, District councillor: "It is an honor to have the Joaquin Rodrigo Foundation in our district and to collaborate in promoting the work of a great creator. We second his words: Music fulfills a great educational function, but above all, it cultivates the spirit. I have observed that people who have a feeling for music are more sensitive to all manifestations of life. It is a great satisfaction to see how marvellously the children reacted to this presentation and it encourages us to continue to bring culture closer to the new generations.

Source: http://www.pptetuan.es/index.php/noticias-culturales/268-joaquin-rodrigo

Touching moment

A touching moment 

The pianist Ana Benavides accompanying Cecilia Rodrigo, the composer’s only  daughter, who is reading fragments of Joaquin Rodrigo’s writings  about his most universal work, Concierto de Aranjuez.

As of January 13, 2001, Joaquin Rodrigo is the official name of the Auditorium in the Cultural Center of Tetuán.  On that occasion, the district where the composer and his wife lived for the last 25 years of their lives paid him tribute.  An exposition was inaugurated under the title “Joaquin Rodrigo: notes on the life of a genius”, by the musicologist Javier Suárez Pajares as commissioner, and will be open until March 25 in the lobby of Madrid’s cultural center.  A piano recital also took place given by Ana Benavides with the participation of Cecilia Rodrigo reading various texts by her father.

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