Licensing is central to the management of intellectual property. The use of musical works under copyright requires a permission/licence, and this may need to be negotiated with the publisher.

The first stage in the licensing process is the submission of request for a quote. Using the information you provide through the web we can respond quickly and efficiently to your request.

If you would like to license music of Joaquín Rodrigo for film, advertising (internet, radio and television), reprint, television, DVDs, webpages or any other video project, please fill in the form below.


  1. Concierto de Aranjuez, for guitar and orchestra
  2. Melody of the Concierto de Aranjuez’s second movement
  3. Melody of the Concierto in modo galantes second movement, for cello and orchestra
  4. Fantasía para un gentilhombre, for guitar and orchestra
  5. Concierto andaluz, for four guitars and orchestra
  6. Melody of the Concierto de estío’s second movement, for violin and orchestra
  7. Melody of the Concierto como un divertimento’s second movement, for cello and orchestra
  8. Concierto madrigal, for two guitars and orchestra
  9. Música para un jardín, for orchestra
  10. Cançoneta for orchestra

Please complete full information for requesting a license:

Title of the work for which a license is requested
Lenght of the music to be synchronized
Name of the person requesting the license


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